Little Bigfoot

“Little Bigfoot” is on the loose!  It’s a new musical comedy guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to audiences and actors alike.  

14F, 10M, rated G.

Two acts, one simple set, easy costumes, and only about one hour long.

Produced in the US and Africa.

The plot involves Camp Log Out, the world’s first anti-computer camp, run by those scoundrels Lana DuFree and Homer DaBrave.  The campers are all computer nerds who have been sent by their exasperated parents to Camp Log Out to be weaned away from computers, chatrooms, cell phones, and computer games.  When a scientist offers one million dollars for the capture of a local Bigfoot, dead or alive, Lana and Homer, in financial trouble because of Homer’s gambling debts, use their campers to search and capture Little Bigfoot, the only child of Bigfoot Daddy and Mama.  How the nerdy campers rig an Etch-A-Sketch computer to foil the schemes of Lana and Homer and free Little Bigfoot is part of the thrilling climax of this show.  

This show has great jokes, wonderful characters, and a huge heart!



Here are some reviews from a recent production:

"Little Bigfoot" was exactly what our young actors needed - lots of great
roles, especially female roles, and a plot that kept us guessing and
laughing all the way! The audiences loved all the songs. Thanks for such a
great bit of writing.

Suzanne Smith
Deltona, Florida


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