School Musicals

by Gerald P. Murphy

Tired of the same old musicals that have been done to death by schools all over the globe?  How about producing new musicals that are perfect for young actors, have songs written in singable ranges, and have so many strong female roles that you don’t have to keep most of your best actresses bottled up for years in the chorus?  

Gerald P. Murphy’s School Musicals might be the answer.

Click on the following musicals for affordable and delightful experiences for your school, your actors, and your audiences.  Also, here is where to go for FREE PERUSAL AND ROYALTY INFORMATION for producing these shows:


Romeo Loves Juliet - A guaranteed winner.

Olivia Twist - Doriana Fagan is the villain in this show that ends with a “Twist”!

Little Bigfoot - An anti-computer camp turns the campers into unwilling Bigfoot hunters.

Drama Club Must Die! - The Drama Club is forced to mount “Wizard of Oz” in one week.

Lotta!   - The story of Lotta Crabtree, the Shirley Temple of the Gold Rush Era.

Playboy, the Musical - Based on Synge’s Playboy of the Western World

Bullies, the Musical - A fun way to teach kids how too handle bullies in school.

Princess on the Rocks - Only the weirdest princess would enjoy sleeping on rocks.

Rapunzel, the Musical - A girl with long hair hates her ivory tower.

Gruff, the Musical - A new meadow beckons, but there ís that awful troll under the bridge.

Shut the Door - A married couple’s argument leads to very funny complications.

The Wild Wolves of Wyoming - A clever reworking of the three pigs story.

Three Sillies, the Musical - The prince discovers his bride-to-be is not all that sharp.

The Little Red Hen - A simple musical for kids based on a familiar story.

New Musicals!

The Lady or the Tiger, a Musical – based on the Frank Stockton short story

Billionaire School – Billionaire Gil Bates hires teachers to fill in his educational gaps

Aesop’s Fables, a Musical – musical based on Aesop’s stories

Hansel and Gretel – short musical based on the Grimm fairy tale

Nun Fun, a Musical – short musical melodrama with orphans and nuns in Arizona

The Fisherman and His Wife – fairy tale musical

Hamelin Rats, the Musical – musical version of the Pied Piper story

McRumpelstilstkin - musical

Echo and Narcissus, the Musical - based on Greek mythology.


“Little Women” – Adapted from the Louisa May Alcott novel

“Silas Marner” – Adapted from the George Eliot novel

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – 90 minute adaptation by Gerald P. Murphy

Olivia Twist, the Play – Olivia is living on the streets when she is saved by a strange woman -or is she?

How to Succeed against Bullies without Really Crying

Rapunzel, a One Act Play

Nun Fun, a One Act Melodrama

Fairy Tales and Women – a fairy tale, a melodrama and a straight drama.

Dr. Chicken and Mr. Hawk – A One Act Comedy for Kids based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

McRumplestiltskin – A One Act Comedy for Kids!

Seven Women – A One Act Drama for Women

Tartuffe in Texas – a religious hypocrite swindles a Texas family

Death to the Drama Club – a neurotic vice-principal attempts to dismantle the high school drama club.

Ulysses and the Dogman – One Act comedy based on the O Henry short story.

“Little Women” – Adapted from the Louisa May Alcott novel

War Prayer – sketch based on a Mark Twain essay satirizing war fever.

Blind Dates, Inc. – Comedy based on couples meeting on blind dates

Blind Date, Inc. 2 -  The second comedy based on couples meeting on blind dates

“Silas Marner” – Adapted from the George Eliot novel

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” – 90 minute adaptation by Gerald P. Murphy

“The Tell-Tale Heart” – adapted from Edgar Allan Poe

“A Lottery Ticket” – adapted from a Chekhov short story

Rhyming Three Little Pigs – a new take on the old fairy tale

Thars Gold in Them Hills - comic melodrama about the Gold Rush era

A Magic Paintbrush - based on Chinese fairy tale

The Diary of Adam and Eve - based on Mark Twain’s writing.

A Pottle of Brains – Fairy tale involving a boy desperately in need of more brain power

Natalie’s Vacation – What really happened on Natalie’s Mexican vacation?

A Beautiful Day for a Duel – A duel to the death has a surprising conclusion

Aesop’s Fables II – More of Aesop adapted for the stage!

Aesop’s Fables III – More of Aesop adapted for the stage!

Rhyming Goldilocks – Life is good for the three bears until a Goldilocks intrudes!


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Gerald P. Murphy
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