LOTTA is a new musical comedy you might consider for next year.   It has played successfully to many audiences throughout  the world and it’s available for free perusal right now.  

 “LOTTA” - Book, Music and Lyrics by Gerald P. Murphy

10F, 8M,  extras as townspeople, miners, saloon patrons

The royalties (performance rights) are $80/70USD, and the royalties include both the piano and the vocal scores.  Performance CDs are available for $15USD extra, which includes shipping and handling.  The performance CD is excellent and can easily be used instead of a band or piano if you run into problems rounding up musicians.

Here is a golden nugget of musical comedy based on the real-life story of child actress Lotta Crabtree, the Gold Rush version of Shirley Temple. The crusty old Forty-Niners, such as Mother Lode, Veronica Redskirt, Kate O'Clisom and Riffle Pete, come from near and far to watch her sing and dance her little heart out. The tarnished saloon proprieters, Lana DuFree and Homer DaBrave, kidnap Lotta's devoted mother, Mary Ann, in order to cash in on the tiny entertainer's success for themselves. They tell Lotta her mother abandoned her. Despite their lies, Lotta is reunited with her mother and ends up with a family at last! The original score is laden with beautiful folk ballads and rousing ditties like, "You Should Have Been There," "Greed!" "Way Up in Northern California," "The Miner's Song," "My Sweet Mama Dear," and many more. One interior set.

Produced in the US.



Here are some reviews from a recent production:

"Lotta" was a great show for us, especially since it touches on Gold Rush history in such an entertaining way. Very catchy tunes and the cast had a wonderful time with all the wacky characters, especially Lana DuFree and Homer DaBrave!

Connie Croad
Siskiyou Performing Arts Center

Interested?  Just email me and I'll email you a script and a sample of the songs for free perusal.  THIS OFFER IS GOOD FOR TEACHERS, DIRECTORS, AND PRODUCERS ONLY.


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