Olivia Twist

Here's a great little musical comedy I'd like you to peruse for next year's calendar. It's called "Olivia Twist" and it might be right for your school, especially if your program is loaded with talented females or you sometimes have trouble recruiting a lot of male actors.

Cast: 10F, 4M. Extras as needed. Two acts, one simple set, easy costumes.

Lasts about 70 minutes.

Produced in the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

Plot: Olivia Twist runs away from home after discovering she has been adopted. She is befriended by Vivian Long, founder of the Happy Harmony Home for Girls, who "saves' Olivia from life on the streets. Vivian, however, uses the home for much more nefarious purposes, including cannibalism. Naturally, Olivia and the other girls get out of the mess and Vivian is justly punished. The story ends with one of the funniest "twists" in the history of show business, in my humble opinion.



Here are some reviews from a recent productions:

My drama troupe produced this delightful show May 2,3 and 4th 2002, at Julian High School, near San Diego. My class is predominately female and we added more female parts.  This production was perfect.  The dramatic effect of Miss Vivian Long is very effective with children of all ages.  The comedic second act is hilarious.  I believe that audiences will enjoy Olivia Twist.  It indeed ends with a twist!


Garnette R. Riney -director
Julian High School
Julian, California

We put on Olivia Twist just last week (May 9, 2003)  It was a sensation!  The kids loved it.  Any ideas for next year’s show?

Sharon Ayala - Drama teacher
Barrington Middle School
Barrington, Rhode Island

Olivia Twist has got to be one of the best shows my school has ever put on. The songs were fantastic and the audience howled at the crazy plot twists. Thanks for a great script and a great piece of theater!

Margaret Higgins
Middle School drama director
Orlando, Florida

And reviews from Olivia’s first overseas productions:

"Olivia Twist" was a huge success!  We put this on in July of 2002 here in Malaysia and it was my first ever directing job. Neighboring schools were there, my university mates, and, of course, a few deans from the faculties.  Everyone praised the play and said it was a top-notch performance.  Once again, thank you for everything.

Yours sincerely,

Jacyln Ng - director
Universiti Teknolog Malaysia
Skudai, Jahore, Malaysia

My students have enjoyed Olivia Twist.   I think that the
students enjoy the macabre theme, the fact that it turns out ok
in the end, and the humour. As a drama teacher I love the references to the play within a play from Hamlet and the fact that there is a very positive message about doing one's best to succeed at school being important.

David Gilbert - director
Kaitaia College
Northland, New Zealand

The kids did great and we had a blast!  We used very simple stage furniture (mostly just moveable black boxes) and relied heavily on good acting and the audience’s imagination.  Our Miss Vivian Long, the villain, was fantastic, and our Captain Peck really gave life to the “pirate” character.  Thank you for your time...and for writing a great play.

Michael Fredericks - director
West Kings District High School
Auburn, Nova Scotia, Canada


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