Princess on the Rocks

Only the weirdest princess would enjoy sleeping on rocks.

One act, one set

9M, 10F

A short musical (30 minutes) with songs about a contest for deciding which princess will marry Prince Brummel.  But this contest is not meant for softies.  The winner will be the girl who can sleep with ease on a bed of rocks and sharp pebbles!  The stubborn Princess Vivian refuses to join in the contest and the lazy Princess Globby gets some cheating help from her father, Duke Globby, to win.  How Princess Vivian and Prince Brummel finally find true love is all part of the funny and happy plot.  A great show for children, but there is plenty here for adults to enjoy.  The show can be enjoyed with a bare minimum of props.  19 parts, 9 males, 10 females. Scored for piano and voice. 



Copyright 2010
Gerald P. Murphy
All Rights Reserved