“Romeo Loves Juliet” is a new musical comedy that has played successfully to many audiences throughout the world.

12F, 7M, 6 Either  -With two variant versions– (8F, 4M, or 11F, 7M)

Two acts, one simple set.  

Female roles: Juliet, Florence, Mercutia, Samantha, Nell, Molly Prop, Lady Montague, Tybalta, Potpan, Susan, Lady Capulet, Mistress Ford, Mistress Pain, Robin, Fang, Snare, Shallow, Dogwart

Males roles: Romeo, Benvolio, Lord Montague, Daniel, Gregory, Paris, Lord Capulet

Romeo Loves Juliet was chosen for showcasing at the Yankee Thespian 2000
Festival in Massachusetts, the 2004 Gold Coast Festival in Queensland, Australia, and 2001 state thespian festivals in West Virginia and Kansas.  

Since almost every is familiar with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, you can be sure that this show is not a shot in the dark.  If you build the set they will come!  And you and your actors will have a unique experience, not just recreating shows which may have had a bit too much exposure.


They loved it! My principal was amazed at their talent and how funny the script was, we won an outstanding actors award and it was a good night over all.

Amanda Holmes
Queensland, Australia - August 2004

It was a huge success. We were SRO on Thursday and Friday and had the largest Sunday house I've seen in my three years here. The parents, faculty, students loved it. I am still receiving notes and emails regarding how much it was enjoyed. Thanks so much.  They truly "hooted with laughter" as we like to say down here in Tennessee. Thanks again.

Tina Tutt - director
Battle Ground Academy
Franklin, Tennessee - September 2003

The show is a hit.  It has such a fun, positive spirit about it people are coming back for seconds.  

Bonnie Bryson- director
Manteca High School
Manteca, California -April 2003

We have enjoyed putting on this production which was popular amongst the students.  It has been the best production that I have personally been involved with at this school.  If you should write another musical that is suitable for teenagers to put on we would be most interested.  Thanks again for your permission to stage the production.

Kirsten Flett- drama director
Bayfield High School
Dunedin, New Zealand - May, 2003

The show was fabulous!  I truly enjoyed directing this show and the students had a wonderful time retelling what is normally such a tragedy!  Fun lines, fun music and a fun time.  We are currently building a new auditorium and this was the last show we directed in the town's auditorium so it will hold a fond place in my heart!  Thanks!

Kim Sparks - Director, Allegan High School
Allegan, Michigan, November, 2002

Romeo Loves Juliet was extremely well-received by audiences and loved by the performers.  Thanks for the chance to direct such a great script and score.


Colin and Christine Birchall - co-directors
Makoura College,
Masterton, New Zealand, August 2003

“Romeo Loves Juliet” by Jerry Murphy was the selection for the all-festival or "International Cast" show of the Yankee Thespian Festival.  It was the last of fifteen shows in the festival that included 19 schools from throughout New England and New York. To say that the show was a success was an understatement. It received a standing ovation, the only standing ovation of the festival.   I was proud to see the festival end on such a good note.

Dr. Len Radin
Educational Theatre Association State Director of Massachusetts and Chair of the Yankee Thespian Festival
North Adams, Massachusetts - April, 2000


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